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Polar Outreach Ambassador

We are currently expanding our freelance team and looking for outreach officers to deliver exciting workshops at ‘Polar Fun Day’ in schools across the UK.

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Hockley Primary School

The PFD at Hockley was a great example of the variety of activities on offer in a PFD. The 4 classes involved all got a chance to make polar bear masks, blubber gloves and gloppy glaciers which generated some great discussion about the impacts of climate change on the...

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Berkhamsted Pre-Prep

Berkhamsted Pre-Prep had been learning all about Scott and Shackleton and already knew lots about some of the earliest polar expeditions. The PFD showed Year 2 what modern expeditions involve with lots of discussion about Antarctic marine life and food webs. Each...

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Isaac Newton Primary

Years 1 and 2 at Isaac Newton Primary had been learning all about polar explorers in their Polar Adventure Topic prior to their ETE visit. During the PFD the students learnt all about what they would need to take on a polar expedition from tents, to food and snow...

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