Antarctic Quest 2021

Introducing our next expedition for schools to engage with and take part in .. The Antarctic Quest 21 Expedition 

Hi, My name’s (name).  You may know me as an someone who goes to the Polar Regions to undertake expeditions for science and exploration. These cold, snow covered wildernesses can be amazingly beautiful, but they are also extremely inhospitable and dangerous.


Later this year, I will be heading back to the Antarctic, to follow in the Spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his Quest Expedition of 100 years ago.


You may know that Shackleton was a legendary leader who went to incredible lengths to save his crew, after their ship Endurance was crushed by pack ice in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica. What many people don’t know is that, despite the truly incredible hardships Shackleton faced while saving his team, only a few years later, he went back to his beloved ice-covered continent onboard the MV Quest to carry out scientific research in the Shackleton-Rowett expedition.


Sadly though, he never had chance to begin that science work. Shackleton died onboard the Quest shortly after they had reached South Georgia. It was an incredible blow to the expedition, but it was so much more than that; Shackleton was admired across the globe for all of his Antarctic exploits and the part he had played in unlocking the secrets of the Antarctic. His death is regarded as the end of the ‘Heroic Age’ of Polar Exploration.


Now, 100 years on, my team and myself, are pledged to follow in Shackleton’s Heroic Spirit and continue that Quest journey of scientific exploration.


We’ll face danger, jeopardy and incredibly harsh weather, just like he did. But we are determined to hold a ceremony on the ice, to celebrate all Shackleton’s achievements and also to commemorate his passing 100 years earlier.


And as part of that Centenary commemoration, we will undertake science that is crucial to our understanding of our Climate and the impact we are having on Antarctica. This is just as Shackleton would have wanted and, in keeping with what he himself had intended to do, we will have a comprehensive educational outreach programme, that will interact with children, in rea-time, in classrooms all over the world.


We would like you, to be part of this. We would like you, to be part of our team.