Polar Fun Days

This is our flagship programme for primary school activities. Through ETE’s Polar Fun Days schools are able to invite a Polar ambassadors into the classroom to tell stories of their expeditions and the environments they have travelled through. With primary school activities ranging from assemblies to full activity days, Polar Fun Days teach children about the environment, animals and people of the Polar Regions, the causes and impacts of climate change, and inspire young people to follow their own dreams in life.

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Inuit Culture

Bannock bread - Food Technology

See how Inuits make their bread.

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Inuit Printing - Art

Imagine you are an Inuit and draw what you would see…

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Igloo Making - Chemistry

Try the basic principles of making an igloo.

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Translate your name - Languages

Pupils can translate their name into Inuktitut and see how different the Inuit Language is!

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Blubber Gloves - Biology

Learn how animals in the polar regions keep warm.

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Polar Bear Mask - Art

Make a mask and learn how their fur helps them survive.

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Food Web - Biology

Who eats who and where does the energy come from?

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Insulation - Biology

A look at different materials and how well they insulate in cold conditions.

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Geography and climate

Pole to Pole - Geography

What are the differences between the top and bottom of our world.

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Gloopy Glaciers - Geography

Hands on activity to show the movement of glaciers over land.

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Northern Lights – Climate

How are the northern lights formed, explanation, then the creation of an artistic representation.

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Expedition experience

Presentation - Brief Talk

Showcasing the work outreach officers have done in the Polar Regions.

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Looking at kit, trying clothes on - Science

This is a great way to look at what real explorers use on expeditions.

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Expedition Planning

What does one need on an expedition? Which different responsibilities will team members have?

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We can provide an insightful assembly presentation to the whole school, year group or individual class. This can include a Q&A session and will involve videos and photographs of the explorer’s expedition. The day as follows, can then be entirely tailored to meet your school’s needs.

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