Polar Fun Days

Our Flagship Primary Programme


Through ETE’s Polar Fun Days schools are able to invite a Polar Explorer into the classroom to tell stories of their expeditions and the environments they have travelled through. With options ranging from assemblies to full activity days, Polar Fun Days teach children about the environment, animals and people of the Polar Regions, the causes and impacts of climate change, and inspire young people to follow their own dreams in life.

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About polar fun days


We can provide a wide range of resources for teachers and school children / students, from current and previous expeditions.


Polar fun days are available nationally in the UK, we bring the polar regions to your class room.


From training, charity awards to live worldwide expeditions. Talk to people live as they are out on expeditions.

Our Aim

To break down the 4 walls of the classroom and allow students to experience science and geography in a hands on learning environment.


During our polar fun days we run various workshops to engage the students into a pro-active learning environment.


We are always looking for keen volunteers who are currently studying and would like some experience in working with schools.

What happens on a typical day…

A typical Polar Fun Day usually runs as follows;

  • Assembly (Whole School)
  • Activity Session #1
  • Break
  • Activity Session #2
  • Lunch
  • Activity Session #3
  • Activity Session #4

Our activities range from learning about animal adaptations and food webs to planning your own expeditions.

Breakdown of Polar Fun Day Activities

The list below details the activities available on a Polar Fun Day.

Blubber gloves

Our most popular activity. Children learn about how animals keep themselves warm in the Polar Regions and then create a ‘blubber glove’ out of sandwich bags and lard which they place into ice water (materials need to be provided by the school) to demonstrate the insulating properties of marine animals’ blubber. This exercise can occasionally get messy!

Expedition Planning

A very popular team exercise. The children are split into groups of around 5 and must adopt the roles of different key team members. Then they plan their own expedition and promote/explain it to the class. Teams must consider expedition goals, decide upon and calculate distance between way-points, logistics and the kit they will require. This is a very flexible exercise and therefore very easy to modify according to time available and the ability of the students.

Gloopy Glaciers

Another of our extremely popular activities, suitable for many different ages. After a presentation about what glaciers are and a brief introduction to climate change, the children build their own mountains out of plasticene or clay and then make cornflour ‘gloop’ to represent a glacier. They can then watch as the ‘glacier’ slowly flows down their mountain. Materials need to be supplied by the school. This exercise can often get messy!

Inuit Printing

A creative exercise where children create their own prints in the styles of the Inuit people. Materials need to be supplied by the school. This exercise can often get messy!

Look at Polar Kit

We can bring a wide variety of polar survival gear with which to demonstrate and then dress the children up. Typically one or two students will wear the whole outfit then everyone gets to try something on. Often a good opportunity for a big group photo!

Polar Bear Masks

A creative activity where younger children glue cotton wool balls to a paper plate to learn about a Polar Bear’s fur. The ideal polar bear projects for school. Materials need to be supplied by the school.

Pole to Pole

A very flexible activity (in terms of time) where children learn about the difference between the North and South Pole regions: animals, geography, people etc. This is done with laminated cards and can be done as anything between a quick teacher-led sit-down exercise to lots of discussion and then running around led by the ETE visitor.

Real Polar Days

Antony’s first expedition to the Arctic was the 2007 Baffin Island Expedition for the Mitchem Trust, raising over £200,000 for vulnerable children. Since then Antony has completed numerous expeditions and in 2010 Antony completed the ultimate challenge of making it to the Geographic North Pole.

From these expeditions Education Through Expeditions (ETE) began, ETE has since grown and developed. However still at the heart of ETE are the fantastic, ‘hands on’ and interactive Polar Fun Days.


“I would like to thank ETE very much. Their enthusiasm for exploration was clearly evident and this captured the interests of the students from the very beginning. They had an excellent manner with the students, a good balance between warmth & control; humorous anecdotes and fact.

The Polar Fun Day was an excellent way to engage our students in the subject and has enthused them to want to learn more about exploration.”

Rob Farmer

Southbank International School

“Without a shadow of a doubt. The children were buzzing the whole day yesterday and couldn’t wait to tell their parents! Also, they have come in today and still wanting to talk about it – the day really inspired them. Thank you so much for one of the best days I’ve ever had as a teacher and seeing the enjoyment and engagement on my children throughout the day was great. You really made the learning come to life and that is what good teaching is all about. We all had an amazing time and it will be an experience that none of us will ever forget. Thank you!”

Vicky James

St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School

“I would thoroughly endorse and recommend Education through Expeditions. Nabs visited over a five week period and was engaging throughout. The children at Woodlands really warmed to him as he did to them. The activities he delivered were very well planned and imaginatively resourced. They were delivered with clarity and enthusiasm and provided a wholly enriching experience for all involved. I would welcome a return visit at any point.”

Nick Crosley

Woodlands Special School

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